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Get to Know Me

Empathy, Compassion and Insight Guide Me

Potential Focused Coach Amanda Hoock

During much of my life I would use my natural abilities of empathy, compassion and insight with family, friends, co-workers and sometimes even strangers. When opportunity would arise, I would listen and guide, always with the intention that they are able to find relief and joy in their present circumstances. Ultimately, I discovered that what people are seeking is to reconnect with their own voices. Once rediscovered and the barriers removed, individuals are able to find more joy and peace in their journey.


I hold a bachelors and masters in psychology which prepared me to teach and counsel individuals from varying age groups, genders, and/or socioeconomic backgrounds. Currently, I live in Rochester, NY and alongside my coaching services I work as an adjunct instructor (when the suitable circumstances open up) in the Psychology department at SUNY College at Brockport. Teaching has given me a unique view of creating workshops that can truly engage those I coach, whether on an individual basis or in group settings. Almost everyone I have worked with have the same goals; to live a more fulfilling life with less anxiety, stress, boredom, anger and so forth, and break away, from what I refer to as groundhog day; living the same scenarios over and over.


If we accept that all of us have great potential and we allow ourselves to embrace it, we will live an inspired life that benefits the collective. I decided to become a Potential-Focused Coach to extend my reach to others who I believe are seeking a true connection to their natural abilities. I do this by listening in a non-judgmental way and applying my education, empathy and experience to truly understand what each person is longing to explore. I hope you choose to discover and light the world with your potential, so that you may encourage others to do the same.

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Client Insights

At first glance, Amanda and I appear to be polar opposites, and yet, despite our differences, Amanda has an amazing way of asking questions that make me re-evaluate my own thoughts and beliefs. I especially appreciate that her questions and suggestions are never judgmental; she simply presents her ideas an alternative way of viewing a situation. (Often, she gives me something to think about I’ve never considered before!)

What’s more, is that Amanda’s diverse professional and educational background gives her such a unique and insightful perspective! I often find myself replaying our conversations hours and days later – which can be a wonderful asset if you are trying to develop and grow within your own life.

Becky B.

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