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Download Free eBook 

Free eBook to use with coaching or on your own. This is a fantastic tool to get a better understanding for how connected you are to your Inner Self, the Self that knows the best path for you. Click on the book image to download a pdf version of the eBook.

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Guided Meditations

Meditation is a great tool to reconnect to your Internal Self. The benefits are vast and it's free! Take some time to learn how to meditate with my Intro to Meditation video.

Try this 10-minute guided meditation for gratitude. The fastest way to go from negative feelings to positive feelings is to be grateful for things in your life. 

Feeling overwhelmed, try this 5-minute meditation to help you reconnect with your internal self and release the anxiety.

Try this 10-minute meditation to connect to your intuition and begin to trust your own feelings and thoughts.

Teens have many stressors and would benefit from taking several minutes a day to relax and let go of them. This 10-minute guided meditation is meant to help teens reconnect back to their inner self and release what is currently bothering them.  

This 10-minute meditation will guide you into a space of self-love. Taking time to create space for self-love and self-care is a great tool to connect to your inner self and move you toward your potential.

This quick meditation focuses on living within the heart. It is important to embrace your feelings to be able to live a fulfilling and happy life. In less than 10 minutes you will allow yourself to sit with your present feelings and refrain from pushing them away. This is a follow-up meditation to my blog post Living Within Your Heart.

Advice for Teens. Young people need to get to know themselves so they may share with others and light up the world. 

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