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Potential-Focused Approach

Seeing Things Differently

Individual Coaching

If you feel that your heart is telling you that you are meant to be living a more fulfilling life and have more to offer, get in touch with me. I would be honored to meet you. We can schedule an appointment to be either in-person, over the phone or online.



Group workshops may consist of any combination of individuals, for instance coworkers, friends, or strangers. The workshops will expand upon a specific process that will help move individuals toward their potential. These gatherings are beneficial for those who want to increase their awareness around their beliefs and behaviors that limit their potential. Each individual will be encouraged to remove barriers and connect back to the intuitive self. Workshops can be very powerful when multiple people gather to learn from and encourage each other. Contact me if you would like to set up a group workshop. Also, make sure to check the website regularly for upcoming workshops or send me an email to receive updates. 


What You May Expect From Me As Your Coach.

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Having varied experience with coaching, teaching and training my listening and empathetic skills will be used to understand you and what you are seeking. My approach is non-judgmental, caring and based on your individual need. We will uncover any barriers you have set up to block you from aligning with your natural self and then you will receive individually-based techniques to break those barriers and move toward your potential.

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